How’s the Peacock fishing in Lake Ida with the rain and heat?

I'm told the bite sucks with all this rain and the heat sucks. Any truth to this since the Amazon has rain and heat.😉


  • Jas2Jas2 Posts: 207 Deckhand
    Been to Brazil and Peru half a dozen times fishing for the monster Peacocks !  While it is hot we always go during the dry season when there is no rain .  Water levels will drop 25-30 feet from previous levels and pulls the fish into smaller ,fishable lakes off the main river . really makes you appreciate just how much water is in the Amazon .
    We started out fishing south Florida before S. America .....always went this time of year and never experienced a problem with rain .....actually was refreshing in the heat .
    Small shiners , Rapala countdowns and small Rat-L- Traps were the ticket !

    G`luck when you go !!    And add a Brazil trip to your bucket list adventure like no other !!

  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 800 Officer
    In my experience on that lake, the rain seems to help the fishing if only because more stuff gets swept into the lake and the fish are fired up. I'd look for runoff areas where the water is draining into the lake and concentrate around there. Drain pipes, natural ditches or ruts that catch the water and allow it flow in, etc. 
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