Summerland 06/11 offshore

Took my dad out. Started our troll in 300ft. Scattered weedlines. We had two peanuts go for our baits. Worked outward. Every 1/2 -1 mile there was a weedline running from west to east with scattered weed everywhere. At 500 we picked up our first keeper. We worked each weedline west to east all the way to 700. In 550 we found a school of shorts, then two keepers. In 650 we hit a single 10 lb bull, then a single 10lb cow a few minutes after. We found a school in 700 of short fish. On the way in we trolled along a underdeveloped weedline and got slammed by something nice- took the bait the skirt, just gave the hooks back. 
Worked very hard cleaning lines ALL DAY long. 
Saw only two birds working (and they were on tuna) ALL DAY. No frigates or turtles. we probably caught 20-25 fish, but kept 4. 


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