Fished the PI TOURNAMENT with the slow Mahi bite
the plan was to run and gun.As it has been scattered weed
with patches mixed in.At the 52 line see 2 birds and put 2
Mahi in the box 10 and 12 lber.Feeling good getting 2 first
thing we want to find a third one as it is a 3 fish total weight
for calcutta.At the 50 line find a pallet put 4 more in the box
go to 40 line and turn and troll back in.Put a few singles in the
box and at the 48 line a big fish comes thru the spread hits a
rattle jet missed it goes across and hits other rattle jet fish on.
Turned out to be a 19 lber.We ended up with 10 fish and got
4th place 475.00. First place paid 1300.00 and cal calcutta
was 2300.00 PICS TO COME


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