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I want a second Vehicle for a daily driver. The Rav4 looks like it would work well for my needs.  Keeping my truck for truck duties.. Not looking for used or pre-owned. Looking for a good deal on a new one...My local dealer only has one in stock and not in a color I like. 


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    Try Earl Stewart Toyota in North Palm. Great dealership to deal with, no haggling and no "dealer prep" Fee. 
    (561) 844-3461

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    Thanks, I checked out their web site. They didn't show a Rav4 Adventure in stock but they do have a nice XLE that is looking good. I'm going to check out a Ford Escape Titanium later this week for comparison...
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    Walk into earl Stewart for best deal as they may not be allowed to advertise best price. I shopped there before, very upfront pricing below internet price and literally zero pressure. Sale person just gave me the keys to any rav4 I wanted and said come back before they close. Took the time to city/highway test and took it home to load all my fishing gear. SUV wasn’t for me and sales person never offended or spam call me for follow up.
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    Thanks, I just noticed I did not include my location...I'm in North Central Florida but will travel for the best deal. I'm not in a hurry to buy but would like to get one in the next month or two. I plan on keeping my full size 4x4 for truck duties. The Rav4 will be daily driver, grocery getter and I can drive it out of state with a cooler on the hitch haul.
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    I found one but it does not have a trailer hitch. Pretty sure I can get a good hitch for $147, hoping I can get a plug and play wiring harness for a decent price. Not looking to pull weight but need a Hitch Haul for my Coleman 120qt cooler  EDIT... The dealer did not get the one from their partner as I was told, guess they wanted to hang on to it. I quickly found another one 100 miles away and was going to look at it, they gave me an out the door price that was good... In the middle of talking with the Bay area dealer The dealer closer to me called and said they got another one coming in today with more options that I could get for same deal as before, they needed to add one of my requested options first..going to check it out, hopefully its a go..if not then I have located several others.. This buying a new SUV is giving me a Headache**EDIT UPDATE, Headache over Got a very good deal today, now I have to get a hitch and plug and play wiring kit. 
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