Been at this fishing thing for over 50 years.  Went to 30' on Sunday to a spot where I have had non stop keeper size grouper on almost every trip before the season opened.  Had my daughter, her boyfriend and one of their friends.  Set the spot lock and sent down some sardines.  Had a couple of dozen white baits in the live well, so tossed out a flat line. (had numerous kings there also)
Flat line was heading toward the front and Jimmy yells MAHI MAHI!!  I said there's no Fn' way there's Mahi in 30 feet!!

I was wrong.  They swarmed the boat, so it became a literal fire drill trying to get another bait in the water while keeping the first one in the water.  Managed to get that one in and they were gone.  Continued trying for grouper with another flat line out, and they returned.  We were prepared this time and managed to get 9 total chicken mahi on ice.  Fished that spot for another hour without anther mahi nor keeper grouper.  Decided to move to 40' set the spot lock and my daughters boyfriend Nick nailed two 26" grouper.
Just as the bite started, the batteries for the IPILOT decided to die.  I had charged them for two straight days and they've been losing charge way to fast.  Couldn't get back on the spot with the Fortress, so called it a day.

My fishing knowledge has now been expanded and now has me believing that anything is possible on the water due to seeing Mahi in 30'.


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