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A fun few days...

duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 21,244 AG
Not so good on the slams but I did get to fish a bit with a couple friends and my son.

Friday,  I took my buddy Phattkop out. He retired from our local S.O. a while back. I'm very sure that the local criminals are very glad that this giant Polack is not coming thru the door with his swat guys in the middle of the night...or grabbing them with hands the size of a baseball glove anymore.  We finally put a trip together and as luck would have it...it was slow. We managed only a Trout each and I had a jack....missed a few fish too. But I was able to show him how to scare snook and Redfish plus large trout.  
It is amazing how he was able to drain most of the luck off my skiff.....He was blaming some " Oatmeal curse "  so I suppose that could be it....


The guy is as big as me while sitting down.... LOL 

Saturday,  I had my son on the boat. We wanted to test the new Garmin machine that we ( he mostly) finished installing to see if the transducer was properly set....and so I could push buttons and if I couldn't figure something out...my son could show me how to work it.
We thru topwater early and my son got a decent snook. We then worked ridiculously hard to get me one ( on the CAL )_...and worked even harder to catch a stupid trout. After several spots... We finally found some small ones all ganged up in one spot and caught several apiece. But this one is special.


When you consider that the CAL is 3 inches...Well, that may be the smallest trout I ever caught.  
We never saw a Red all morning. 

Sunday,  was another day with a buddy. Dan is a really nice young guy and I really wanted to get on some fish. I decided to take a chance on a place my son and I saw bait the day before and it panned out. We each caught several nice top slot Trout on topwater plugs and missed a few too. The best catch at one point was Dan had lost his Zara super spook jr. to a massive strike. I told him maybe we would get lucky and the fish would shake the lure and we would find it...and danged if about 30 minutes later we did !
The down side is that it was trailing a bunch of braid....that I wrapped up in my trolling motor. But we got that new plug back. 
So, I then spent some time getting some baits and running to some snook spots. Had several refusals but got on a spot that had some...Dan lost the first 2 before I got two out of the same spot. I moved to another spot and Dan finally connected with a
nice 25 incher. I got two more but we were out of bait so we headed in.

Well, Monday and I'm back to lone wolfing the skiff. The first spot I manage to catch two nice trout and had several blow up on the chug bug.  It takes me way more time than I would have thought to get bait but finally have enough. Head to a wind shadowed cove and start the hunt.  It takes a bit and the First Red shows no interest but the second one I saw was ready to eat...


Pretty happy about that and am on my way looking for a snook. Late day is not easy and yesterdays spots are barren...but I finally find one....


a skinny male but that makes it  # 29 

Oh, did I mention how hot it is outside....LOL It's broiling! 
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