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FSFA 2019

Started out at pelican flats first thing and picked up two smaller kings in the 5-10lb range. Worked our way northeast trolling skirted hoos between 110 and 130 getting more short strikes than I’ve ever gotten before (around 10). The planer was getting smacked left and right but they immediately got off all 4 times. Most of them just bit behind the hook and we hooked up on something big that we never got to see and lost it. I’m guessing a big king. At around noon we finally hooked into a solid mahi and it spit the hook. I reeled the skirt as fast as I could and let it sit and it came back for seconds. Same thing happened again. It came back for a THIRD time and we stuck it. Solid fight and got the 16 pounder in the boat. Rules committee for the tournament didn’t tally up the official results but said we should be comfortably sitting in 4th. Not a bad day considering the amount of fish we missed. 


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