Powerhead Usage in State Waters

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Let me start by saying I’ve never used a Powerhead, bang-stick, or any other device with a bullet like projectile to spearfish. Also, I don’t intend on using one to hunt or just Willy Nilly killing amazing creatures like sharks which play such an important role in our ecosystem. 

With that being said as a freediving spearo we have all had encounters which are GENERALLY uneventful. When swimming back to a boat on anchor with a bleeder like a yellow eye jack or mackerel sometimes the tax man becomes over zealous. I’ve had a friend get bit in the stomach by a reef shark when stabbing a shot fish in the head to put them down. Another bit in the leg by a nurse if you can imagine. Those docile sharks have teeth too and eat fish like the rest of them.   

All RARE occasions but I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Can you attach a powerheads shaft on some sort of spare rail attachment for piece of mind or are the not permitted anymore?

Years ago when I entered the sport you could buy and use them as you saw fit (shooting big fish, defense against predators while spearfishing etc.) But it had to be permanently attached to a shaft over a certain length. 

What’s the law now? 


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    Rules are easy to find on FFWCC website for state waters.
    "The use of powerheads, bangsticks, and rebreathers remains prohibited."

    I say......I say son.......new & improved my tail feathers.

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    Thanks. I guess, like many things, the law changed. 
    Much Appreciated,

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    While they are not approved, I don't think you'll be harassed for carrying one for personal protection (don't post videos online if you have to use it). I used to but lost it and never replaced it. The best ones in my opinion for personal protection are the slip on ones that use the spear point as the firing pin. They're easy and fast to deploy and there's next to no chance of it going off on accident when its in your pocket (the knife pocket on freedive suits that is terrible for knives is great for these). 

    Heres a video of a guy making some DIY ones that would fit the bill 

    A non lethal option ive seen used is the "snook knocker". You drill a hole in a golfball that fits your shaft snug and a shot from that in the head/nose/eye tends to send sharks running. Also, you dont lose your shaft like if you freeshafted it and there isnt a visibly wounded shark swimming around for sightseers to photograph for a smear campaign. 
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    Pretty sure the least of my concerns is gonna be the rules if a shark trying to munch me. 

    Also pretty sure intent is to prohibit hunting with a PH. 

    And then there would have to be evidence produced that it was used.
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