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CCA Start

30  May 2019…Wabasso/Vero... Late start...Water quality, some real clean areas and the rest really dirty.  Came out of an area and the trail behind the boat was black, the algae had died off and started to decompose.  CCA time, set out with a goal of 40 fish for the day.  Fell way short, wound up with 22.  9 Snook, 8 Snapper, 3 Trout, a jack, and a short Red.  Had to quit at 1700, wind kicked and blew out the Trout flats.  
Started the day at Hobart Island, looking for Trout, not today, only short Snook and Snapper. Tried the flat on the way home, something ate my popping cork and cut me off.  Watched for several minutes, but it never came back up.  Triangle fins were abundant, johns Island, had one try to eat a 17 inch Jack.  Next stop, South tip of Pine Island, looking for a Red, this year, need a blue tag.  South to the Grand Harbor Flats, found the Trout, embarrassing size to barely legal, could not hold wind and current a little stiff.  16 inch Trout, good for an entry.  Golf cart bridge, Manatees and Sharks,  added small Snook and Snapper to the count.  Estuary/Johns Island/Vero, short Snook and Snapper, bad hook set on a Sheepie.  Short Red out of the Mangroves.  Watched the lawn care monkeys blowing grass clippings and trimmings straight into the Lagoon.  Oyster Cut, clean water, no fish.  ICW cut, looking for a Tarpon, Snook to 20 inches.  Do not know why, but Tarpon have nor shown up this year.


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