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Offshore with the kids last couple of weekends (pic heavy)

Fished 5-18-19 with a full boat load of family members. We had two 8 year olds, 10 year old, 13 year old, 18 year old, my brother, my dad and myself. Weather was beautiful and the moon was full letting us leave Conch House at 5:00 AM under perfect moonlight. Kids got up and got ready at 3:30AM and were ready for their morning bean bag ride. 
Near flat seas and almost full visability under the full moon we had lines in the water at 7:45AM. We fished a weedy rip 1 mile in from the ledge and worked a .75 stretch until 10:45 AM and switched to the bottom. The bite was steady for those 2.5 hours and we went 9 for 12 on the troll. Water was full of life with fliers and jumping dolphin, especially the first hour. My 10 year (Cohen got a nice bull on a
throw rod that followed up one of his girls.

My 13 year old nephew (Adam Jr) has been waiting for a calm day trolling with the fish biting and today did not disappoint. He was able to hook and land his own dolphin on the troll, pitch a throw rod at one, and even hook one on the troll and hand it off to his grandpa.
The bite died down and we made a quick call to switch over to the bottom and it paid off. we pulled up to a number 6 miles in from the ledge and it was lit up. I told my brother to fire down a chicken rig really fast and see if they were big triggers, like we caught last year. Nope, up pops a 6 lb mangrove and I'm thinking to myself that we just hit a spawn of mangos. Fire down a bigger bait and I get broke off, my dad on the other side gets broke off, and Adam Jr brings up a very nice almaco jack. I get pissed from having to retie, and tie up my big bottom rod. Grab a grunt from the bucket and fire his little rear end down and almost immediately its game on. Up comes the first legal grouper of 2019 and he is a healthy 15 lb gag. 
Grab another grunt from the bucket and fire him down with high hopes. In less then a minute I feel my bait getting really nervous and then the hit. Everything feels right and my fingers are crossed and up comes number 2 gag in the 13lb range and in the cooler he goes. I quickly retie my leader (it got ruffed up a little on the 2nd grouper) and fire down another grunt from the bucket. It wasn't 10 seconds and it gets hammered. Feeling generous (my back was hurting) I looked at my 13 year old nephew who been working out and playing lacrosse, if he wanted a big fish. He quickly took the rod and began the fight. As the boat watch the fight, I became increasingly happier by the minute that I was not fighting the fish and that it was big. Turned out to be the biggest fish of Adam Jr's life (so far) and he was spent. 
The whole time we were at anchor the rest of the boat was chicken rigging up big triggers, pinks, vermilion, and all sorts of jacks. At this point we have 9 dolphin, 2 gags, 1 monster AJ, and assortment of bottom fish in the box. I point the baot west and my niece asks if we can stop at one more bottom spot and catch some fish to give away. Not a problem and we head west 5 miles to the grocery store, and the number is marking good. We top off the front fish box with more triggers and vermilions and start to run low on ice and head west back to the marina. Great day teaching and catching fish with all the kids. 

This pictures represents 3 generations of my family and the fishermen and fisher woman, that my father has raised. With father's day coming remember "that without someone showing us the way we may still be on the wrong path." Take your father fishing, take your kids fishing, take your friends fishing, take your friend's kids fishing, and always take your family. 

Leave the dock at 5:25AM under great conditions again with plans to head straight to bottom fishing and be back at the dock before 1 PM. We run 48 miles to number and set anchor, up com e the school of jacks and the rods start to bend immediately. We get a steady pick of big beeliners, solid trigggers, big pinks, and have 2 kamikaze dolphin swim by the boat (always have a rod ready) that wanted to go home with us. Limit out on beeliners and wanting a cold drink we head home. Nice short and sweet trip with 4 people. 

Last pic is from 4-12-19 thru 4-14-19 was on a 39 hour Hubbard's trip over on the gulf coast out 83 miles. I did this trip with my 10 year old son Cohen and good friend Lou.  Trip was a blast and caught my personal best yellow tail snapper 4.5 lbs and PB monster porgy 5.2 LBS. I will be posting on this trip soon and would like to get a group together, super fun. 


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