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Is it navigable?

Is the creek between the Sand Dollar restaurant and the Ferry slip navigable? On Google Earth I can see several docks along there but don't know what its like at low tide. Can you safely get a 25 ft boat with twins in there? How's the fishing in there?


  • Drift TideDrift Tide Posts: 179 Deckhand
    It's called Shad Creek.  I have a 17' CC and fish there occasionally.  Have been about halfway from the river up along the portion with the docks, and channel definitely deep enough to access those docks if visiting someone.  Haven't been the entire length to the last half of the docks, so don't know.  I can tell you, that if when going in you take that left turn to follow the creek thru the marsh you Will run aground in 25 footer.  Channel meanders significantly, lots of sand bars, and even oyster bars in the center of channel.  Have a friend who has run it for years in a 19' flats boat, and fishing is good if you know the channel and have skinny draft, but even he gets occasionally grounded on a lower low tide.  Also, if you do decide to peek inside in a 25, be advised the current screams under the narrow bridge on a hard running tide, and will have clearance issues if outriggers up, and maybe even if VHF antenna up depending on how tall yours is.
  • cftsmokecftsmoke JacksonvillePosts: 310 Deckhand
    Second what drift tide said.  I’ve been all the way through there with capt. buzz in his beaver tail flats boat at WOT (Northeast Florida Angling) - ended up crossing the icw and coming out clapboard creek- but he really knows the area.  Final word about fishing this are of Jacksonville: just because you see docks doesn’t mean they aren’t high and dry at low tide.  
    2005 Everglades 290 Pilot.  Twin 250 Verados.
  • knot tightknot tight Posts: 250 Deckhand
    I know that creek quite well but I wouldn't want to be in it in a 25fter unless you know it well.  About 7 docks back on the north/east side of the creek there is a bar that I haven't seen dry but you would definitely hit it at low tide.  I run over it on the deep side which is close to the docks in my flats boat but I wouldn't do that in a big boat.  You can see the channel pretty good on google if you want to look at it.  
  • fsu11fsu11 Posts: 2,106 Captain
    i used to fish shad creek a bunch in my flats boat but there are much better areas to fish with a boat that size, if you dont draft too much its not a bad run through to sisters creek but easier when you have a trail marked.
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