Wild caught shrimp for sale near us, or shipped

Took the kid up for an FWC youth turkey hunt in Palatka a month ago. Didnt get a bird, but when we were leaving we grabbed shrimp from a guy on the side of the road. Was a full moon weekend so they were literally still kickin! Best shrimp I ever had, now I dont want to buy farm shrimp anymore. Did I also mention they were jumbo head on for $6 a pound?! I know I can get those for triple the price plus a bunch for shipping,  but does anyone know where we can get some relatively local within an hour or so from Jupiter? Or that would ship, and doesnt want an arm and a leg per lb? Looking to buy more in bulk and load the freezer, the kids are scampi fiends now haha!

Have even looked into shrimping myself, but seems excessive to load the boat and drive up to Oak Hill for a bucket full. Wish we had a run closer, it does look fun!
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     please do not miss the chance to go to Oak Hill !!!🦐🦐🦐much less bring a kid there to go shrimping. I am in authority on the place and how to do it and what to do if you'd like to chat I don't want to put the information here 954-778-9460 I will look forward to your phone call.
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    Will call ya tonight, it sure does look like a ton of fun!
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    From Jupiter go down US1 into Palm Beach Gardens just South of PGA, Cod and Capers. They get Key West shrimp among other wild shrimp. Also Pinders in Tequesta on N Old Dixie Hwy
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    The shrimp you bought in Palatka we're probably white shrimp from the boats out of Mayport. I'm going tommorow to pickup a few pounds, they are excellent tasting shrimp.
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    You can buy wild caught 16/20 white shrimp from Costco for $10 a pound.  They are from Cox's Wholesale Seafood out of Tampa. As far as I know all commercially harvested shrimp are now flash frozen on the boat. 
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    Nice, see thats not bad! I dont mind frozen, just dont want farm raised junk. And thats a good price too.

    Bacc I keep meanin to call ya and forgetting to write down your number! I have it now, will try tonight omw home from work
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