11  May 2019…Wabasso/Vero... Central Florida Shootout.  Glad to have tournaments like this, win or lose, loads of fun and a lot of great people.  Bad day for pics, way too busy working.  Not at least a 28 inch Trout, quick release.  Laid out my plan, minor change, enter Preachers from the East.  Water ranged from clean, could actually see the sand, no grass to dirty where the fish were.  Started the trip at 2230, 10 May. Plan to fish too 1100, 11 May.  Whole lot of disappointment in Preachers.  Four big blow ups on the Rapala Skitter Walk, no connections.  On to the next stop, the ICW side cuts, almost a total waste of time.  Johns Island Bridge, pair of short Snook, then jackpot hooked into a solid fish.  Got into the pilings, could not get a good angle, finally chewed through the leader.  Worked the neighboring Mangroves, barely legal Trout.  Crossed to the Sisters, maybe a Red, not today.  Safe light, North Sister Flat, bait up all over.  Put the Skitter Walk to work, 12 Trout in the 18 to 21 inch range.  Tossed in a Sail and Hardhead Cat for good measure.  Back over to Oyster Cut for a Red.  Water dirty,,only option working the pockets.  Snapper were hot, few keepers.  Dead sticking the Baby Vudu Shrimp, got a runner, 23 inch Red, box it and take it in to get a drawing ticket.  Live fish CCA kept it for tagging and release for the tournament.  All players released.
16 May...Wabasso/Vero...Name change, Loggerheads now Suntex Marina, I think.  Started the day at Pine Island, nothing.  Into the cut, short Snook and Snapper.  South to Hobart, bait scarce, lost a good Trout.  Hole In The Wall, baby Snook.  Sisters, again, no bait, no fish.  Skip the Golf course, water too high.  Grand Harbor flat and spoil island, 25 inch Snook.  Cross to the Green side of the ICW, Rapala SubWalk, 18 inch Trout off of the bar.  Had a big Snapper banging the plug and a bigger Trout bringing up the rear.  Ladyfish country 3 back to back.  Estuary, working the Mangroves with the Baby Vudu Shrimp, bump and run, 23 inch Red.  Search on for an Ugly or Flounder, failed.  Johns Island, Snapper hungry. Several keeper size.  Looking for big Sheepies, several small ones, then spot the UFO, would not play.  Saw a Patch Work Snook(Cuda) in the Mangroves.  Saw several big Snook in the Mangroves and under docks.  Big ones did not want to play.  All players released for future encounters.


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