I was a bit late again this morning. jhdog13 was already launched but we chatted a minute before heading out. He said he had been doing well on Trout which I have been struggling a bit with....But we fish somewhat differently and in some different areas.
Since he was off first and was heading south I did not want to cut him off from the spots I know he likes to hit. It really worked out.
I started going across a windy point and on the lee side I pulled a decent Trout and then two decent size snook and a jack. I had worked my way in a little too shallow for my skiff and was starting to work my way back out when the white CAL gets hit. The fight made me think it might be a Red because it was kinda wollowy. After some of that it took off on a good run so I was unsure.


At 28.5 inches she is a true Gator...  There are a few nice ones around. 

I decided to run North to check a couple Redfish spots while it was still blind casting time...but only got two small snook.  The water was terrible so rather than stay up there I headed south. I got another snook and it was getting light enough to see. I went to look for some baits but they were nowhere to be found. I did get a half dz that were just a little big...but that was all I could do and needed to start fishing before all the conditions were wrong.  Yesterdays Trout and Red spot was empty. I started heading back North looking here and there but the tide was still too high and water too dirty. I had not see anything....Till I saw what was a GIANT snook...When she yawned and flared her gills I bet you could have shoved a basketball in there!  Sadly, She was not interested. And with a hard falling tide I continued on and as I got to a small point with an undercut bank...I thru the now weary mullet up close to the mangroves. As it swam slowly away...a Redfish pushing a headwake came out and swallowed him.  


A fat 29 inch pumpkin....

So, It was 11:10 and that makes 17 in a row and #22 so far this season. 

With the full moon coming...I don't know what this will do to the fishing...but it was been good...Get out there! 
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
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  • Jas2Jas2 Posts: 147 Deckhand
    Good report ....good job ! B)
    A little behind on you`re slam count ......what`s up ?
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