Water Woes

Red Tide looks to be starting to show in Sarasota area. Also now it looks like a new type of algae that looks like turds sitting atop the water has shown up.What, if anything can be done about the problem and also can it spread this far north and affect our fishing?      Also : Is it a risk health wise?


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    Algae that looks like Brown Submarines.....nothing good can come that
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    The media is just picking up on 2 samples showing very low levels of K. brevis collected off of Manatee County in the latest weekly survey and a local bloom of blue-green algae in some canals and back bay areas. 

    Low levels of the red tide organism is not really a concern.  The organism is almost always present at some level in near-shore waters.  Low-level measurements don't necessarily predict a bloom since they typically come and go.

    The blue-green algae bloom in Sarasota Bay is a seasonal thing.  It is a product of nutrient enrichment as a result of overdevelopment.  Tampa Bay used to have similar blooms when the water warms up and day length increases. 
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