Any bait around PC not been in years

Putting my boat back together, motor and all types of new parts.  Going with the neighbors in his and he knows nothing - using my rods and equipment. Want to put him on kings figure 8A but I need live bait, mullet, threads or  porgies. Any info is appreciated I have not been out in a few years.


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    Haven't been out of PC since they moved the ramps!  As memory serves though at this time of year, you go out the jetty and there would usually be pods of pogies along the 20-30ft depth line or closer.  If none there work that depth line south bound watching for flips in the morning light.  Of course watch for birds diving along the beach for mullet, yet depending on the swell its tough at times to get in close enough to net em.  

    Most of the time pogies could be had between the jetty and the pier - on occasion I'd have to run all the way to Patricks - at that point I'd head to Pelican Flats instead of 8a.

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    and not to give anyone's secret spots away,  its fairly straightforward to visually assess on google earth (GE) the little beaches/shoals in the port itself.  If you're coming through the locks or using the ramp at the drawbridge, keep an eye out for birds in the locations you noticed on GE as you slow idle the length of the port (which takes forever) for whether you want to do more idling to investigate and take some shots at some mullet - it can be a real time burner though. 
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    We use to net them by the pier and all around the port I Just hopping there some pods around. I usually would try to get a mullet and thread fins or pogies. Thread fins seam to last better than pogies.

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