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tdeim2tdeim2 Posts: 4 Greenhorn
Im pretty ignorant of my battery setup and im on the road getting some low voltage readings from cranking battery. I have 2013 167 with 24 volt trolling motors so 3 batteries. Also have stealth charger. Looks like front 2 are hooked in series and middle one is also hooked in parallel to back battery? Does outboard alternator charge one battery while running while stealth charges the trolling batteries? When i move switch from 1 to 2, that puts one of trolling batteries in parallel with cranking battery? Trolling batteries seem fine - when use the trolling motor test get 4 lights. Its cranking battery that seems to be dropping to 11v though no problem starting engine. On a 1.5 week trip - thinking of just going like normal and if cant start engine one dayi can just turn switch to 2 - would that be stupid? One final question - are all 3 batteries identical - i cant see the back ons which appears to be engine battery.
thanks for any info, help, advice


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    How old are the batteries? That may be your problem right there.
  • tdeim2tdeim2 Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Going on 6 years
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    tdeim2 said:
    Going on 6 years
    Ding ding ding ding!!!!!! theres your answer!!
  • tdeim2tdeim2 Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Kind of what i thought but i read somewhere these odyseses can get up to 10 years. Anyhow ill try to get through my trip since i think if i deal with it now ill pay too much and lose vacation days. But still interested if someone can explain to me how these things are wired and charged.
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    I have the same issue as you, I think.  My boat has 3 TM batteries and one house battery.  I have to put my battery switch on all for the stealth charger to call all of the batteries, if it is on 1 it only charges the cranking battery.  This is when the boat is on shore power and when running.  I have the Stealth battery gauge so I can see what my TM batteries are at when running the boat.  I have a call into Danny at Stealth for a new gauge and when I get it, he and I are going to see if the battery switch is wired incorrectly.  
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    The advertising may say ten years but that doesn't take into consideration every time you take the boat out you are putting the batteries on the tumble cycle
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