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oil tank on 50hp

rookiemistakerookiemistake Posts: 1,174 Officer
is it common for them to leak near the cap? i was told by my certified etec  mechanic that its a known issue.2007 but been leaking for 4 years im getting tired of it. any option other than buying a new tank as advised from mechanic. thanks


  • BillgranBillgran Posts: 349 Deckhand
    It is not common for the tanks to leak. Sometimes it is from cross-threading or tightening the cap too much and a hairline crack develops between the tank threads. Other times it is the cap that is faulty.  Inspect the tank threads closely. If all looks good, try a new cap first.

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  • One DropOne Drop Posts: 259 Deckhand
    Late reply but I've dealt with the same problem on my 50 for quite a while. I hadn't even touched the cap in months because the oil lasts so long but one day after trimming it all the way up and driving home my bilge was oily and I was like ****? Did you ever get it fixed?
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