Mangu and Mofungo

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Simple 2 green plantains one firm yellow little salt. Boil till soft mash like potatoes.  In a pan one red, one sweet onion, about a cup of olive oil, a large spoon of fresh garlic a little adobo. Then add apple cider finger near the end( when onions are cooked) about a shot glass. Now pour over the mashed plantains. Serve with fried cheese, fried salami, and eggs. Can be made it with just green plantains to.

This breakfast will keep you full all day.

Green plantains
Green and Yellow Mix about 2-1
Green,Yellow and Yucca. Mix about 2-1-1

Fry then in about 1 inch chunks.
In a large pestle and mortar mash chunks while adding pork skins (good frim not fluffy ones) Butter, Garlick, Adobo, Bahia, olive oil. I like to keep the mix moist not to dry. I use more butter than oil usually melt the butter 1/2 stick in a cup add all the seasoning and olive oil so I can spoon it all in as needed.
 Fry the plantains till they just start showing a little brown on parts of the edges is good. 
Also it you like fried yucca try microwaving it  first to pre cook it, it will brown and cook faster when fried. 
I like this best with butter garlic shrimp poured over the top or with seafood in red sauce poured over the top. I also serve it with Churrasco & Onions.


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