Overstreet, Port Saint Joe, East Bay IWC

I am looking at a lot off the ICW near East Bay / Wetapoo creek . There is community (East Bay Plantation) that was started but no one ever built homes there. People own lots, one has built a dock. We have been there by boat and car not sure why the community hasnt been built up. Any insight? The grey dot is where I am looking.

We are looking for a lot where we can have a boat dock/ lift and build a house later. We would like to stay somewhere close to PSJ (port St Joe Mexico beach). We dont mind the ride from the mouth of east bay to the (the ditch) inlet a PSJ. Any suggestions?


  • bluh2omanbluh2oman Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    I live in the area. Overstreet in general has had little to no development, unless you count the mormons. They have bought up hundreds of thousands of acres and turned it into grazing land. I lived just before the bridge before the storm, but had to move up to wewa after due to damage to our home. IMO, that area will grow, as the near shore areas begin to move outwards. Another reason may be that it is sometimes difficult living in this area due to very sparse amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants etc. Amazon is a life saver out here
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