Any Ponce Inlet, NSB, Edgewater, or Oak Hill reports?

Hoping to head out this week sometime, anyone have any intel to share?  Anything happening besides the Jack run?


  • Flounderman3Flounderman3 Posts: 95 Greenhorn
    Fished spruce creek this past weekend(sat). Had 3 slot reds and small snapper back around the 3 bridges(west side) using mudnminnows and mullet. Water was really dirty and not a lot of movement. I wanted to run out and see what was happening at inlet but boat traffic was pretty thick since it was mother day weekend. 
  • ShoNuffNoahShoNuffNoah Edgewater, FLPosts: 88 Greenhorn
    Sounds like a solid day, thanks for the report, I still haven't made it out yet.
  • Flounderman3Flounderman3 Posts: 95 Greenhorn
    I have a few weeks off starting next week. I’ll be heading inshore and offshore (a few miles) and all over. I’ll throw some reports and pics up. Hopefully good ones. 
  • Sixth GenerationSixth Generation Posts: 134 Deckhand
    Trout are on the bars SE of Haulover.  Drift in close enough to cast to them, but be very quiet.
  • NxtLvlLukeNxtLvlLuke Orlando, FloridaPosts: 1 Greenhorn
    Looking to get out there this weekend or so. Has anyone been catching any snook lately?
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