Boca 5-11...Heartbreak

Figured I'd rig some big bally to run w my big moldcraft blue and pink Chugger looking for some big fins. Get to the 52 and put em out and run the chugger on the shotgun. See some birds working and try to catch up to them...most disappear but one so I keep chasing him. 10 min  and it goes off...I grab the rod from the T Top and it's I drop it back and he slams it. Come tight and....snap...30# line breaks about 3/4 way to the fish. In the distance jumps this big bull fin...a good 30 I'd estimate, tailing my moldcraft behind him. He made it a point to do this 3 times and each time he was broadside and lit up and giving us the finger.
Fished that area for a while hoping for some others but fact only had one more hit in about 500 much later...small skippy. Was all the way to the 48 line at one point. Almost no weeds past 700
Probably have nightmares of that tonight.


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