Leopard Red

Look at the spots on this guy!



Sixteen spots! 

So, today even being early to the ramp I was the 4th truck at the ramp. There is the " North / South shootout " tournament today so it was really busy on the water. I was able to go get a snook on the CAL. Then, after spending an hour and 15 minutes and weeding thru 4 ladyfish...I got a trout and went Redfishing. Ran south and found a fish...got the take...but it came unbuttoned.
I saw two more but wind and dirty water was not giving me enough time to get a good presentation. I kept looking till I found the Leopard Red.

So, this is # 12 in a row which is a record streak for me....and #17 on the season. 
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you
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