5/8 BBI blackfin

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Caught 5 footballs right out inlet 250 to 300 between 7:15 and 9.  Was a weed line they were around, some birds early.  

With enough tuna I switched to deep baits shallower and did not get a hit between BBI and the pier.  Tried islander with mullet on #2 planer, yozurri bonita on 3lb cigar and a rapala 25' lure, none saw action, nor any surface hits between 55' an 150'    

Seas were nice, weed was less bad than reports from weekend.
Jupiter 29FS


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    Can you tell me more about the yoz Bonita on 3lb cigar? What does this setup entail?
  • GarysmoGarysmo Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 764 Officer
    Congrats.....curious what the BFT hit?
  • JWPBJWPB Posts: 190 Deckhand
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    I have some 30-50 ft 80lb mono leaders for planers.  I put one on planer, the other behind the cigar then bonita on end.   Have heard people wahoo high speed with this rig, I was going slow. 

    Pretty much all fish I catch are shotgun behing a tormenter looney bird witth a silver mylar 5 inch stubby bubler by C&H.   It's a cheap, flexible setup that makes me think I should stop fishing all other baits but maybe they act as teasers in front of it.  Tuna hit around 8mph, not  slower, so I avoid mixing in bait or it washes out quickly.   This rig also skips over more weed than it snags. 

    Jupiter 29FS
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