Need some livewell wiring advice....ASAP!

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Ok...I need some advice about this livewell thing.. I think I have an idea, I just want to try to explain it to you to make sure it will work.....hopefully this makes sence

OK..Im thinking about bypassing all the old wiring and switches etc for the livewell. Im thinking about going with an Attwood timer livewell switch. It has three connectors. According to the wiring diagram, one connector is a 12volt out(+ from the livewell pump to the switch), the second is a 12volt in. Third connector is a Ground.

Now, here is what I am thinking. Running a new wire from the the + of the livewell pump to the 12v out of the switch. Running a new ground wire from the pump to the ground connectors of the fuse block. Running the 12v in from the switch to a 10 amp fused connection on the fuse block of the boat. Running the ground from the ground block on the fuse block to the switch....

Should work???? My fuse block has 10 fused connectors and a row of ground connectors at the top....

Will this work? THanks for any tips or advice
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