Four spot

Well, I was correct about the wind. It really junked up the water. But I was lucky early on. On my way to the ramp I was conflicted. It was Monday so Yacht club would not be busy...but water quality and the fishing has not been that great up in Sebastian proper so I turn south when I get to US 1. Not sure why I did but it was fortuitous. I launched at Wabasso.
The first stop was empty but the next spot put my snook in the boat.


It was only about 100 feet down the shore and the Key Lime CAL stops dead..... It loads the rod hard and it's game on. I got out off the shoreline and slugged it out till I slipped the net under this nice over-slot 4 spotter.



I've only been out 17 minutes!.....I need to go get a off I go....this should be a snap.....or not.
I run north of the causeway. The first stop is a pretty big jack... I hit my next spot and get a trout.
It's 7:07 and that is #12 and 7 in a row.....and that's where it all stops. I get a ladyfish at the next spot a few casts later....then  go for an hour and 40 minutes without a bite...NADA. I decide to make a big move and head back south. I bump into topwater guy and we stop and chat a while....he has a heartbreaking story about a trout.

I leave and proceed to look at a couple miles of shoreline...and only see three fish in a hour and a half period...two big snook...that didn't get that way eating 5 inch finger mullet...and a trout who was equally disinterested. I could have quit early.  

There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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