FT. Pierce 05/06

Very Nice day. All fish caught before 10am between 170-220ft. Storms were building onshore pretty quickly so I decided to call it an early day.


  • LMKLMK Posts: 571 Officer
    Very Nice!!!!
  • GarysmoGarysmo Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 764 Officer
    Well done...we went out to deep water and got nothing.   Headed out tomorrow to try again.  What did they hit?
  • P91473P91473 Posts: 85 Greenhorn
    Sweet. I will be out there tomorrow as well.
  • MarlinmanMarlinman Posts: 107 Deckhand
    That's one of the prettiest dolphin I've seen in a while...and a stud BF. Congrats!
  • Plastered2850Plastered2850 Posts: 1,691 Captain
    Nice catch and Pics.
  • flashback62flashback62 Posts: 43 Greenhorn
    That’s one of the best Dolphin pics have
     seen in awhile,Florida sportsman cover photo,congrats.
  • justintimejustintime Posts: 52 Greenhorn
    No matter how May pics I see of fresh caught mahi mahi, I am amazed at the color of them. It’s like they glow in the daylight.
  • wilburzwilburz Posts: 965 Officer
    very nice!

    Happiness is a belt fed weapon!

  • SSN651SSN651 Posts: 96 Greenhorn

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