FPI 5/6

GarysmoGarysmo Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 1,011 Officer
Headed out just before sunrise this morning.  Wanted to get an early start because of the weather that was coming in early afternoon.  That part of the plan work fine but someone forgot to let the fish know.  The stream was out far today.  We trolled the wall for a bit and got nothing.  Headed out and found a great weedline at about 700ft.  Water temp, color and weeds were great.  Lots of bait fish around.  However the only thing we got was a good size Cuda.  We saw a nice sailfish jumping but he wasn't interested.

We were trolling ballyhoo and a variety of setups.  Some down and some at the surface.  We got a short bite on one outrigger but that was it.  We headed in around noon and got to the inlet around 1:00.  By the time we got the boat to dock and rinsed off a thunderstorm was rolling in.  

Will try again tomorrow.


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