11/24/2011 at sharkys

me john alec and james went out to the pier to fish. i didnt have any decent leaders so i couldnt even put out a 9/0 so i kayaked my 1/0 out for fun well alec kayaked it out. he swam a pup shark out and james and john used mullet. i had a chunk of mullet it. every one was catching pup sharks so i figured it would be fun on the 1/0 and haven't caught a fish on it yet. well it gets a fast run then stops so i grab the rod and nothing then it starts going again. i let it eat and end up hooking this little 4 foot or so bull shark. and had some fun fighting him to the pier then another local made a lasso type tail rope to get it up and it worked great. other then that shark we were getting some decent pup sharks and then a new guy got a nice size nurse shark. here is the pic of my pup shark and my 1/0



  • Mr. DemeanorMr. Demeanor Posts: 370 Officer
    I wish they would build some sort of stairs that went down to the water for releasing fish at the pier. It would be good for the both the fish and fisherman.
    Nice looking little bull !
  • monoxidemonoxide Posts: 1,094 Officer
    yea that would be so much easier there. but there was a guy out at the pier that is a inventor i guess u could call him and he is a little crazy. he made a lasso that drops over the rod and lassos the shark so no gaffing or any thing. usually we would have hand lined this one up but i only had 25lb and a kinked to **** 105 wire. but it was fun. i went to skyway last night and some thing grabbed the 1/0 again and my buddy was fighting it he said it was a decent fish. i think he is on the lookout for a 1/0 now and i am bidding on a 2/0 on ebay.
  • screaming dragscreaming drag Posts: 43 Deckhand
    wat pier?
  • Mrcrack247Mrcrack247 Posts: 36 Deckhand
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