Three spot

I got to the ramp a little earlier today than normal. I was concerned that a weekend and a local tournament coinciding would have things busy but it was surprisingly quiet.  Not a great start with my first spot having a pull off and then a nice mid twenties snook going airborne and shaking loose...ugh.  Next spot was empty but my third spot I caught a trout and a small snook. I caught another nice mid slot trout and as I released her I did not realize flipper must have been right there...I never heard it blow...was full on stealth mode...raced under the boat and i'm sure it got that trout. It now shadowed me as I worked thru the area so after making a couple net throws for bait I decided to just leave the area. I headed south and with the tide low...and having just caught two larger than Redfish size baits I decided to try a spot that on low water has a few nice fish. A long downwind approach and when I get on station I get a nice 23 inch trout and rather than dig in the baitwell for that other mullet I throw the CAL back to the spot and pull in a 22 inch trout. Another porpoise started heading toward my area so I left. It was early and too dark to sight fish so I kept throwing the Key lime CAL and got lucky.


So....with #10 ....5 in a row I was ready to start trying to upgrade the snook and Red.  I got another small snook...and then used that other larger than I wanted mullet to catch a snook that would be an inch too short.  The sun finally came out and the wind let down...I was looking for a red seriously but all I was seeing were nice size trout. I didn't have enough baits to play around with them so I stayed focused. It took a long time to just see one...but that was enough...


A nice 3 spotter..... 

It was getting close to noon and plenty warm out so I headed in. 

There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you
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