14" Aluminum Rims with Maxis Radials -$30 each

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I changed out wheels and tires from my triple axle Loadmaster. Tires are 215/75/14 not sure on age, they have good treads and don't show any signs of dry rot. The wheels are 5x4.5 lug pattern, they aren't the best condition due to previous owner not rinsing often. No visible issues other than corrosion. 
Some have slow leaks that I suspect are around the rim/bead. The spare has a new Goodyear tire but it has a leak at the bead/rim area too.
Just couldn't keep them under my 30' boat and feel confident they would hold up. May be fine with some TLC under a lighter trailer.
I have 6 with the Maxis tires and the 1 with the Goodyear tire. All Load Range C tires -1860lbs at max inflation
I am Near Marianna Fl.


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    Pic of pic of a few. They are all about the same condition. None better or worse. 
  • BadMoonBadMoon Altha, FLPosts: 10 Greenhorn

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