Fishing Boat needed to RENT July 20-27th

jkaiser199jkaiser199 Cape CanaveralPosts: 1 Greenhorn
Hey, we are business owners from Texas, and will be in the Cape Canaveral / Cocoa Beach area from July 20-27th. We are staying on the water in a house with a boat slip, and want to fish the river, back bays, etc. We need a boat, and are willing to pay. Center console, 21+ feet, a decent mix of shallow water but able to take some chop. 

 We will take out an insurance policy on the vessel covering the week, and will put up a deposit if required. 

About us, we fish all over the gulf coast, inland and offshore. We've caught fish all over north and south america, and Hawaii.  We are boat owners ourselves, and have a good level of boating experience. We take care of our many toys from boats to sports cars, off road vehicles, motorcycles, etc. We've been fishing buddies for 20+ years now, and are taking our sons to Space Camp this summer, and want to fish each day, during the day while they are at camp. 

Give us a shot, let us rent, make some money and get your boat back unaffected. Let me know what youve got that we would be interested in. Not looking for high hour - possibly troublesome boats!


John Kaiser
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