slow pitch jig buying co-opp

I am currently working to create a buying co-operation for slow pitch jigs from an OEM in China. 

I have spent a lot of time getting samples and locating a quality manufacturer that has all the new molds and keeps up on the newest styles. 

what I am looking for is others who want perfect replicas of the $30 - $40 high end jigs at a fraction of the cost. 

In general for most jigs I need a minimum order of 100-500 units to get the right price. 

If you are interested, I am looking to run this for no profit on my side but to get the product at the right price point. 

I am working to gather a list of folks who want in and bundle our buying power together. 

I would manage the product to my shop and distribute to the members.

please PM or text me if you want to get involved. 904-607-9920 

I will be posting this in other sections as well. 

I am sure lots of questions will be around the quality but for now assume they are top notch but prior to moving along I will find the right method to get everyone access to samples, youtube etc.

right now we would have access to 22 styles of all the newest and latest stuff coming out of Japan and of course a wide range on the colors. 


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