PC Apr13 - Missing Kingfish

Apr 13 2019 - arrived at 8A by 8AM, water was 74 degrees - slow trolled livebait and cigar minnows for about an hour and no action; only 3 other boats (charters) on the reef and we saw no poles bend. Was looking forward to a mess of kingfish, will have to wait until another day. The seas were rough to say the least, so the ride out to the deep was long, but paid off.  Water was 77, the drift was swift, and we got action on the flatline before we could get the bottom gear out.  Overall things were much more fishy out there. Got our limit of tile and trolled through some weeds on the way in with mahi action about every 10-15 minutes. Another good day in the books! 


  • FletchFletch Merritt Island, FLPosts: 2,378 Moderator
    Kings bit real well on 8A on Thursday and much slower Friday. That's pretty typical of that reef at times. Nice job on the Tiles. You surely earned em if you were out there on Saturday.
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  • ShoNuffNoahShoNuffNoah Edgewater, FLPosts: 74 Greenhorn
    Good work!
  • killintimekillintime Posts: 244 Deckhand
    Great post!  I sent you a PM earlier - curious how much lead you are using to keep the lines straight on your DDs?

    Thanks, really enjoy the posts.  KT
  • Good_HookerGood_Hooker Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Great day, sounds like a lot of fun. 
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