Hubbard's 39 hour April 12, 2019 TRIP

Traditionally with April comes hotter weather...
Hotter weather and hotter fishing.
April begins, 2018:

April 12, 2019... Let's go get 'um!

One slight problem. This BIG, bad, boy just tore across Texas and is headed our way. Arrival time Late Saturday, early Sunday morning:

No problem for the Florida Fisherman ll, but, at my advanced age, a little too rough for this old man.
It's very hard watching Will, Jason, and Captain Bryon leave:

Hopefully we will get back to 'Picture Florida Perfect' weather soon. Hope they do well.
First things first:

Will hits the GOLD!

These extended trips are much more than just another fishing trip. What an opportunity for old and new friends to bond, bond on the water:

Think the long ride out is boring? Think again! The Florida has mastered the art of trolling:

Think trolling on a headboat is new? Think again!
Captain Wilson Hubbard:

Talk about bonding! The family that fishes together...
Stays together:

Think night time fishing is slow? Think again.
Remember... This is Florida!

Think back-breakers only do their thing at night?


  • harbisonharbison Posts: 3,645 Captain
    Think again!

    Look at that:

    The highly sought after...
    Mutton Snapper:

    The hard to get away from 'endangered'
    American Red Snapper:

    The colorful Red Grouper:

    Lady power on the Florida:

    Sun-down... Always special on the water:

    Talk about special... Sun-down is Tammy Time:

    Sunday morning... Already? It can't be!

    Back at the dock:

    In the money:

    Think headboat fishing is new to Florida? Think again:

    Thanks to the Florida's Fishing Coach, Mr. John Martin, for taking the outstanding pictures and video. Thanks to fourth generation owner-operator Captain Dylan Hubbard for making it all possible:

    Check out the action packed video taken by Mr. John Martin. 
    Many of the still scenes come from the video. See how many you can find.

    Traditionally with April comes hotter weather...
    Hotter weather and hotter fishing.
  • Mackeral SnatcherMackeral Snatcher Posts: 10,965 AG
    Thanks for the report Bob.
    Hope ya get to make the next trip.
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 3,645 Captain
    Want badly to go on the 44 hour snapper trip 4/19. Long range weather report looks terrible. 
    I am 77 years old, have a replaced hip, and a very bad knee. Must watch the weather closely. 
  • sandflea763sandflea763 Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    Love the pic of Miss Pass-a-Grill.  I fished on that boat as a kid......Merry Pier........brings back many memories.  Seems like next was Miss Pass-Grill II, and then was it the Flying fisherman around 1966?
  • Kokosing LoverKokosing Lover Posts: 648 Officer
    I'm really doubting the 44 hour trip will leave the dock; the forecast is looking truly awful.
  • TONY_YNOTTONY_YNOT Posts: 77 Greenhorn
    Hopefully by 4/19 all the crap weather will be out, but it's not looking good.
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 3,645 Captain
    Thanks guys! 
    Weather not looking good for the weekend. May be a 'little' on the rough side:

    Here are some old pictures I think you will like:

    The Miss Pass-a-Grille ll has a history:

    Captain Wilson Hubbard only used the ll for 1/2 day trips. It was later bought & used for commercial fishing. 
    The Miss pass-a-Grill ll sank during a storm somewhere in the Florida Middle Grounds. 

    More old photos of interest:

    Do you by any chance remember the great Captain Bobby Buswell?

    Bobby has changed a 'little.' 
    Remember this boat?

    Hubbard's old time adds:

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