BOCA 4/14

EvergladesEverglades Boca Raton & IslamoradaPosts: 111 Deckhand
Headed out of Boca Sunday at first light. Knew it was going to be rough, forecast was actually on point. Solid 2-4 with the occasional 5+ washing machine wind slop. Headed south in and out from 180-400 fighting the masses of weeds.  Fortunately there weren't too many other boats to contend with.  Got tired of clearing lines and headed East.  Picked up a 12lb mahi in 450 on a temp break with some formed weeds.  Kept going east and found small blackfins around the same but a few in the box.   Found a very thin but consistent weed line in 650 two rods went off at the same time.  First the big guy hit and then a smaller gaffer got another line when we were clearing lines to focus on the bull. There was a school following the small fish to the boat but wanted to make sure we got the big boy. Fought him for 30 minutes before putting him on ice.  All mahi on ballyhoo naked or skirted.


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