Pomp’s in dirty water

Me and a buddy fished midway between Ormond and Flagler. Water was dirty but still picked up six pomps. Then headed to Sunglow Pier and found cleaner water. Bite was slow but managed some nice whiting.


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    Nice work. See any fleas?
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    Nice mess of fish... 
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    No fleas in on the beach. All fish caught on fresh dead shrimp tipped with fish bites (clam). I used a pompano rig with the green floats and gold kail hooks my buddy used a pompano rig with red beeds  and #1 circle hooks and his produced 3-1 better than my set up fishing side by side.
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    Good Catch!
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    Thanks for the report. I was going to head to Ormond, but my fishing buddy was in New Smyrna. He caught 3 pomps and some whiting at Canaveral National Seashore. By the time I got to him after my son’s baseball game, we only caught whiting and spots. 
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    I used frozen fleas, but all my fish came on either shrimp or fish bites or both like you mentioned. I tried the gulp sand fleas but nothing hit those
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    Great day of fishing!
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