Mayor @ surf (March-April)

79507950 Posts: 292 Deckhand
I been doing too much surf fishing Since February till now. I did fish the bridge a few time but nothing more challenging than the surf.  The first feeling of catching a Pomp is so exciting and it make me nervous too, especially when it free itself. The second time I went fishing I told my brother we need a scoop net,  so one of us have to scoop the fish while the other fight the fish. It was fun trying to get the pomp in the net. It was a satisfying feeling and plus you can keep the fish from getting sand over it.  For bait it is good to have many variety. Since March to Last week all the pomp was catch on clam. Yesterday all the fish caught was on shrimp. I'm talking old shrimp I have in the freezer.. YES OLD SHRIMP!!! It really surprised me, because I have live clams and fresh dead shrimp. My tips is to have live clams, frozen shrimp, fishbite, with you. Someday the fish  will be picky and want to eat what they want. My favorite tide for pompano is the first two hours of the incoming.  The drums been caught at the incoming tide. I though I was at the bridge catching that many drums. It was the best eating size you can catch. 15'' to 18''.  The whitings started to bite two hours during the outgoing tide.  The blue fish has slow drown dramatically this week at the surf. I heard my friend has been catching blue fish at the Nassau bridge. The blue fish are fun but I hate changing leader every time they are hook. I did saw a good size pod of finger mullet getting attack 20yd from where I fishing. A older gentleman who was fishing artificial caught 2 flounders at the surf. It was a slot fish but he was fishing for fun and released it. All I can say is the surf is where the action is right now. Go get them before the water temp get too hot.


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