BBI 4/13

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Haven't been on a boat in 6 months. Last time I was on a boat we were transporting supplies into Wilmington, NC after Florence went through. Only access was by boat immediately after the storm. 

Weather was not ideal but we were going regardless. We had a friend and her son with us in addition to the fiance and her son. Cleared the inlet are 7:30. Good start considering the crew today are not morning people. Bounced our way out the inlet and around 100' put a four line spread out since the seas were not going to be a run and gun kind of day.

Headed due east hoping to find some mahi. Around 400' the long pink skirted ballyhoo takes off screaming. The crew gets the other lines cleared and no one wants to take the rod so I settled in for the fight. We weren't sure what it was since it wasn't jumping like our target species. During the fight we a nice mahi free jump behind the boat. Fiance dropped a line back but no takers. It may have been spooked by the fish I was fighting. Finally got the fish boat side and we have a nice wahoo. We play musical rods and I switch to the gaff and pull it in the boat. Nice start to the day. We're lucky to land this guy. He ate a ballyhoo with a pink skirt rigged with 60lb mono and a single hook. 

One more knock down on the troll but it missed the hook. Some of the crew was getting pretty Sea sick so we drifted some amongst the weed patches in the 550' or so and chunked some sardines and the crews dinner from the night before. It worked and we had a school of small mahi behind the boat in no time. Me and the fiance stayed busy getting peanuts while the rest of the crew took a nap. Lots of short mahi and all went back to grow up. 

Around 10am called it a day for the sake of the crew and ran in the palm palm inlet and enjoyed the cruise back to Boynton. By the time we cleared the inlet everyone was back to normal ready to snack our way home. 

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