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jdjuanjdjuan West palm beach Posts: 1 Greenhorn
So i am brand new to fishing and I want to build a rod and reel setup for pier fishing and surf. I'm willing to spend at least 150 on each rod and reel. Just not sure on rod,reel,line,baits,lures and ext 


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    Depends on what you want to target... small/med/large gamefish? .... and everybody will have their fav types of items to choice from... Most do the same thing. and if you are just starting out... Keep it everything simple.. just incase you get bored with it.... also dont forget you can find alot of used setups for cheap online...
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    JP is correct. You have to start with your target species. Snook from a pier takes a completely different setup than Snook from the beach. I caught my biggest snook ever on 8 lb test from the beach fishing for whiting. Even the beach can mean anything from the monster surf cannons the pompano guys use to a 12lb. spinner to sight cast snook. In the summer your best setup for whiting would be  a canepole since us anglers love to drive over or cast over the fish to find fish!
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    Sounds like you want be mobile and cast for fish. For casting jigs and spoons I use a 8 foot Heavy shimano teramar spinning rod and a 4000 series reel, I use 20lb line and 25lb leader. If you want to bait the surf get at least 1 10-12 foot rod to be able to cast deep. Any rod is suitable to bait fish close. 
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