Stress cracks on topside

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I was looking at an older 189 over the weekend and noticed a lot of spider cracks along the outside of the top deck. Is this a normal occurrence  on the older boats. Seemed like it was flexing when you walked along the outside of the deck where it overhangs from the hull. 


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    What year is the boat? 

    If I understand what you are describing correctly. It should not flex at all, the deck and the hull are bonded together on the outside edge. I'm guessing it 's possible that it could be unrepaired damage from hitting a dock piling.  But they would have had to hit very hard.
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    I was thinking it was from Impact but then I put pressure on the edge and I could feel it flex. It’s just outside the rod lockers the continues down to the stern. I can get pictures. 
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    You mentioned spider cracks. But now you are saying that it's flexing when put pressure on it, it flexes. Could it be that the rub rail is loose. These boats are bonded. so there's shouldn't be any flexing anywhere on these boats. I would ask the present owner about the issue. Sound like there's 6 to 8' from the rod locker to the stern that is flexing. If that's the case, not that the rub rail is loose. It sounds like the boat was in a serious accident.  

    But I suggest if you serious about buying it. Then contact Frank at the factory if he can survey the boat and provide a estimate on the cost of the repairs.  

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    Heres pictures. Nothing is flexing. Boat seems good other than these spots. 
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    Doesn't appear to be anything serious, mainly cosmetic. Most likely cause by banging into the dock or being pinned against the pilings and a big yacht. The gas fill has been replaced from the original. Good Luck...Pete   
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    I have a 1997 and it has some cracks. The deck however is solid.I have taken it to three different fiberglass guys and mine are cosmetic. It seems when they sprayed the jell coat for the deck back then it was sprayed too thick. My alternative is to grind it out, build it up with glass then re spray. I will get done when I get around to redoing my non skid. That's wearing down but then again the boat gets used a lot. 
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