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SLI 4/11

I look every day for some positive reports which seem few and far between recently, so here's my ray of sunshine. We cleared the inlet about 7am and started a search for bait. None to be found. Last week they so thick then two days ago scarce and today nowhere. Plan B was to troll rigged ballyhoo so we set out a spread at 105 and headed East. The weeds are still a pain. Heading in from Pushbutton we got a single small gaffer about 15 lbs. It hit a blue and white skirted ballyhoo at the end of a bird chain that we had out as a shotgun. No other action so we went to plan C and bottom fished in 150ft. Picked up a nice assortment of snapper including a couple yellow tail. It was a beautiful day with summer like seas. Hope it continues.


  • GarysmoGarysmo Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 1,596 Captain
    Thanks for the report.  I headed out from FPI today.  Pretty much like you saw.  The weeds were a pain, no real structure just scattered when you could find them.  Very little flying fish around.  We finally found an ok line around 1:00 at 265ft and got (2) 8 lbs and then a 3rd smaller one. He was legal but we threw him back.  One of the 8 lb and the small one were a double so that was fun for the guests I had out in the boat.  All on ballyhoo...1 on a blue/white ilander, 1 on a green/yellow and 1 on a naked one.
  • xeniaxenia Posts: 975 Officer
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    One mahi and some plan c snapper?  The ray of sunshine seems to be threatened by clouds.
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