Mean Snook

10 Apr  2019…Wabasso/Vero....Working on a plan for the Central Florida Shootout.  Between the wind and rain, the water quality in most of the area is terrible.  Sight fishing pretty much by watching for gray shadows.  Started with Chug Bug at Pine Island.  Nothing.  Head to the cut.  Outside a pair of short Snook.  Inside loads of bait, something crashing on the Mangrove edge and deep in the jungle, creatures tearing it up.  Managed another pair of short Snook and 3 slot Trout.  Dolphin in the neighborhood chasing releases.  Leave for Hobart Landing.  Water a disaster, no hits at all.  South end of Pine Island,  a few bumps and nothing.  South to Grand Harbor, water level down enough to get under the bridge.  Water clarity pretty good.  Little bummed, nothing but U - 2’s and baby Ladies.  Short Snook off of one of the Oyster patches.  Turn to work the South edge and spot a big Snook Sunning, not a player today.  Tournaments past, have caught several over slot Snook in this run.  Further down, shadow in the Mangroves.  Flip cast with the Baby Vudu, bump, small Sheepie.  Shadow not spooked.  3 casts later, get a good look,  big Red, can see a tag in her back.  Back out to the East bridge, again, clear water and herds of short Snapper.  Another short Snook under the bridge.  Check out the walls for Sheepies, only saw one, not a player.  This one was in a pocket with a Snook and a small Grouper.  None of them were in the mood.  McCullers Cove, Jacks, Ladies and HardHead Cats.  Rag Baggers Row, water too dirty to sight fish the docks.  Estuary/Johns Island.  Sheepshead back in the Mangroves, no players.  Watched a huge Jack cruising back in the Mangroves.  Working the Baby Vudu, hooked a big Snook, ran so far back into the Mangroves that I could not see her jumping.  Chewed through the leader, that’s punishment for fishing tight to cover.  Surrender and head for home.  Hobart flat still dead.  Pine Island Cut, short Snook, totalled 15 for the day.  Playing one to the boat, had a big black triangle take a swipe, was thinking Dolphin, wrong guess, Shark time.  All players released for future encounters.


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