MORE BIG SHEEPSHEAD on Sea Snake and bonus surf action

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Saturday, me and momma snake headed offshore for some more sheepshead action , and the fish did not disappoint. 

The ocean was like like a flat mirror, with a 3 foot swell on it, about 7 seconds apart....very fishable. We got settled in, but had to wait on the current to get the fish biting.....but when they did....they were all big fish !!  Here are a few pics 

Sunday we headed to church, then lunch with the grands, after that I decided to hit the beach for some pompano action. Rolled up to the beach with 3 dozen of those small clams, ( one baitper clam ).....and the fog was thick on the beach ....kinda weird but oh well. 

Anyway it was 4 pm and dead low, and I tossed my bait on the last bar and started baiting up pole number 2, when something hit my rod and was trying to pull it out of the sand spike !!  I ran over and caught a nice respectable pompano!!  Baited back up and as I was setting my second rod that I had just casted out.....a pompano almostyanked it out of my hand !! Turns out I had a double header of 3 pound fish, and one pulled off in the shallow surf,,,,I chased after him but to no avail, he,he ....and it went like this for the next couple of hours!!  I had several fish that were barely legal, but close enough that I just threw em back since I knew some big ones were around.....caught 8 or so all told. Along with some big whiting. Kept a few in the process
all in all those two hours was a blast with action I haven’t had in a long time. !!

Only pictures I took !!

yall get out there!!


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    Nice work Steve!!!   Always an enjoyable read!
  • artrecord224artrecord224 Posts: 71 Greenhorn
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  • SlackerSlacker Posts: 1,512 Captain
    Those days keep us coming back
  • Sea-SquatchSea-Squatch Posts: 1,571 Captain
  • HookandStickHookandStick Posts: 162 Deckhand
    Nice job 👍
  • BadfishBadfish Posts: 1,090 Officer
    You’re dialed in!!
  • po28derpo28der Posts: 250 Deckhand
    **** I need to figure out these off shore sheepheads. I am getting a few but not nailing it. 
  • bigslickbigslick Posts: 104 Deckhand
    I guess I'm going to the wrong beach? Tried the beach by guana at the second parking lot early Sunday morning and could only catch Whiting and a bluefish. 
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    Nice sheeps!
  • GuanagatorGuanagator MayportPosts: 379 Deckhand
    Good deal!
  • PBRn7.62PBRn7.62 Posts: 117 Deckhand
    Nice Sheepies!  How many miles offshore do you have to go to find them like that?
  • BottomBumpinBottomBumpin Posts: 1,137 Officer
    WOW!!  stud heads for sure Snake!  congrats and thanks for sharing
  • Jman82Jman82 Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    Great Trips and Nice Pompano! You ever use a goofy jig for the pompano? I brought a rod with us to Hannah park and caught a bunch of Spanish and Blues on it during low tide.
  • The baronThe baron Posts: 73 Greenhorn
    imiting-out on pomps crescent Beach matanzas the bite turns on about an hour before high and blue crab seems to be the choice bait
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    You really have to have clean water to be able to catch the pomps...for the most part. Winds from anything with an EAST in it will do....East, SE, or long as it's not too hard to stir up the beach....I even have good luck sometimes on NW winds, but I think it has more to do with the fish feeding up in front of an approaching front than anything.  South winds and SW will most likely result in dirty water, and you'll only catch the whiting and hardhead cats.

    For pomps try to place your baits right in the whitewater, or breaks...those are bars, and the breaking waves, send crustaceans scurring about and that's what the pomps are there doing...feeding up. Put your clam or sand fleas there and you'll get bit.

    This is just the start of the spring pick your days and go.

    As far as goofy jigs go, they ( in my opinion ) are more effective off of piers and fixed docks, near pompano waters...they are killer down south on long piers, and were effective even off Jax Beach Pier, when it was longer.

    ...But I also think that if one was inclined to get outside the last breakers, and cast goofy jigs from a boat and work them that way on high'd probably smack em. !! I'm gonna try it one of these days.

    As far as the sheepsheads.......they should be around for as little bit longer, they still are doing pretty good at the jetties, and I guess they stage back up offshore before heading on out, to parts unknown......the problem isn't the sheepshead not being where you are fishing, but the blues have shown up, and they will decimate your tackle, biting off swivels, egg sinkers, and anything that makes a bubble trail while sending your bait to the bottom.  I like fishing for them offshore, and anything that you have that has low structure, and coral, out to 9 or 10 miles is worth a try...I'll fish for them through APRIL, then focus on Pompano.

    Oh and I want to be CAST AND BLAST when I GROW UP !!!
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    Sea Snake said:

    ...But I also think that if one was inclined to get outside the last breakers, and cast goofy jigs from a boat and work them that way on high'd probably smack em. !! I'm gonna try it one of these days.

    I fished the beach a bit south last Sunday and put one on the beach, along with a nice eating size black drum. Waiting for a bite, looking at the water and wave action, I had this same thought...

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