MORE BIG SHEEPSHEAD on Sea Snake and bonus surf action

Sea SnakeSea Snake Posts: 5,437 Admiral
Saturday, me and momma snake headed offshore for some more sheepshead action , and the fish did not disappoint. 

The ocean was like like a flat mirror, with a 3 foot swell on it, about 7 seconds apart....very fishable. We got settled in, but had to wait on the current to get the fish biting.....but when they did....they were all big fish !!  Here are a few pics 

Sunday we headed to church, then lunch with the grands, after that I decided to hit the beach for some pompano action. Rolled up to the beach with 3 dozen of those small clams, ( one baitper clam ).....and the fog was thick on the beach ....kinda weird but oh well. 

Anyway it was 4 pm and dead low, and I tossed my bait on the last bar and started baiting up pole number 2, when something hit my rod and was trying to pull it out of the sand spike !!  I ran over and caught a nice respectable pompano!!  Baited back up and as I was setting my second rod that I had just casted out.....a pompano almostyanked it out of my hand !! Turns out I had a double header of 3 pound fish, and one pulled off in the shallow surf,,,,I chased after him but to no avail, he,he ....and it went like this for the next couple of hours!!  I had several fish that were barely legal, but close enough that I just threw em back since I knew some big ones were around.....caught 8 or so all told. Along with some big whiting. Kept a few in the process
all in all those two hours was a blast with action I haven’t had in a long time. !!

Only pictures I took !!

yall get out there!!


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