Jupiter Kings 4/7

be careful of the dredge in Jupiter inlet, that thing is well out into the middle of the channel and is not well lit.

we picked up some bait and headed out the inlet around 650am. Went to 145 and with the east wind drifted over the ledge. We got a couple bonito jigged up, kept one and reset. Second drift we got a gog whacked and a nice king 10lb or so. Reset and got a bigger king maybe 13-15lb.  Set up again on the same drift and put out a gog down with a 6oz weight and it got smoked.  Really awesome first run got him near the boat cut the weight off followed him around a couple times then he did his second run. Finally got him back and stuck him. The king was 44inches. We had a bunch of filefish around the boat and chummed up some rainbow runners and got one for sushi.

went to go try a longer drift along the ledge and look for something other than the Kings and went a few miles south. Nothing happening and after about an hour or so decided to go back to the king spot. Had a stinger on the treble straightened out and lost a king after a couple minute fight. Pulled up one more bonito and called it a day.  Seas were a little choppy and foiled the hopes of going and finding dolphin. The kings more than made up for it tho .  All king action was 130 to 110 off inlet


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