PC 4/6 Offshore

Daughter's plans changed last minute and said let's go out on the ocean. Arrived PC ramp 11:00 AM, got only spot in West overflow lot as another fisherman was hauling out. Saw a couple of vehicles without trailers in trailer spots, that's frustrating. There were a few people in the grass, I hope those in the grass did not get tickets, but those in the trailer spots did. Good weather Saturday's are busy!

Set heading to 90 degrees from the colregs headed for 120' to put some lines in. There was a decent ground swell of 4' with an occasional 5' and they really peaked up over the bars N of the channel, slowed us a bit on way out, but they spaced out nice offshore. Water was a milky green from outgoing and dredge operations to a few miles out. Water cleaned up more at about 15nm out, but it was still a dark green out 25nm. Stopped at one ledge in 78' that was marking and dropped an old bait for a bit with no major results, water was 73.6 degrees there. Started in 115' and only trolled out to 170' for about an hour and a half with a 5 line spread of my old favorite Hawaiian Eyes in blue/white and a couple of chartreuse/orange chains. Not a bite. Saw only 3-4 small flyers. A couple of grass lines in about 120' less out to 170', water was 75.3 out there. Lots of sargassum mats closer in. Saw one small cobia on a mat on way in. Nice run in in at 28 knts. Beautiful day on the water with my daughter.


  • beachsideandybeachsideandy Posts: 919 Officer
    Awesome that you got to take your daughter offshore and that you were lucky enough to get a spot that late.
    The 20nm buoy was reporting 3' or less at 6-7 sec all day.
  • bustinbustin Posts: 92 Greenhorn
    Encountered the bars at about 4 nm on a due East heading. In that 3-4 nm stretch over that area I was like, "oh yeah, I shoulda run 100-110 degrees for about 10 nm then turned to 90." It was real interesting over the bars, seen that before and knew what it was, but always a neat phenom seeing those swells peak up. Once we were East of them it flattened out nice. Out at the first stop in 78' there was nothing to it, 3' or less for sure. Wish I would have continued my run another 5 miles East, might have found something if I could get to near 200'. Sounds like that's where the dolphin were although not in great numbers from the reports I have seen.
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