9miles satuday 6 April

po28derpo28der Posts: 250 Deckhand

Went nine miles out and all we could find was snapper and grouper. Can’t keep either at the moment. So we ran in to the jetties and nailed the Spanish mackerel. It was one right after and other. Melynna my daughter drove the boat. At one time we had four Spanish on. Thinking next Monday run out to EF and try some bottom fishing but I have to work the weekend and Tuesday. Four day weekend after that thought. Hope we have good weather EF here I come. Let me know if you been catching anything out there.


  • Sea-SquatchSea-Squatch Posts: 1,571 Captain
    Good job on the spanish! What tide?
  • po28derpo28der Posts: 250 Deckhand
    Out going tide. I keep notes on my fishing and going back the last few years it’s always out going or I never caught many 
  • pat8839pat8839 Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    We also went 9 miles out (9 mile ledge) Saturday and all we found were blues and way too small sea bass!
    What were you guys using for bait? We had cut bait and squid. 
  • po28derpo28der Posts: 250 Deckhand
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    I had shrimp and squid and cut up a few grunts. 
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