Stranger in the Mangroves

3 Apr  2019…Wabasso/Vero...Manic depression.  Water levels way up again, eliminates Grand Harbor from today’s plan,  Boat traffic on the ICW ridiculous, eliminates a couple of flats and spoil islands. Water really dirty in most of the area.  First stop Pine Island, high water, give the inside a shot.  Nothing.  At the exit hit a slot Trout on topwater.  Classic pop.   Next stop Hobart, wind made for hard work, nothing happening.  Back to the South end of Pine Island, once again, a whole lot of nothing.  Johns Island, try the bay area.  Bump, lazy hook set on a very soft bump.  Lost the Trout of the day. Long run to Grand Harbor, big hit and run at the spoil island, too much pressure, pulled the hook.  No action on the flat.  Stingray cut, back side, short Snook.  On the way out, casting the Baby Vudu Shrimp to the pockets, thump, good hook set.  One of the elusive Reds, 22 inches.  Off to look for a Little Ugly or Flounder.  Opt for the back cut at Rag Baggers Row.  Nothing but short Snapper and Sheepshead.  Back to the Estuary, pick up an 18 inch Trout and spot an oversize Snook hiding in the Mangroves, not a player.  Johns Island/Vero, seeing Sheepshead in the Mangroves and under docks, still not very active.  Pitching to a small one hooked a big one, too much pressure, pulled the hook.  High rise bridge on the way home, nothing.  All players released for future encounters.


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