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The bite is straight up fire right now. Plenty of inshore options to go around. The Spring Drum migration is in full swing. Big fish upward of 70 pounds with bigger ones mixed in. The Sheepshead bites been nuttier than fruit cake the last week or so. Some days we've limited out in less than an hour. One day we had our 16 fish in about 30 minutes. You wont find the bite that good just anywhere, however, you can get on the fish with minimal effort in the Inlet right now. In the coming weeks it'll only get better.

The Drum wont be here long so get out there before they're Rhode Island bound. You have a few weeks tops before they're gone.
Deep drops around the North and South Tips and you'll find them. Or alternately, just look for the fiberglass armada. Blue Crab on the bottom. Doesn't get any easier. Leave the light rigs at home. 5000 series spinning or 15 size conventional at the minimum. Grouper or King Fish tackle essentially.

I'm catching all my Sheepshead on Carolina rigs and Fiddler Crabs. Tried and true is all you need. You can also toss jigs if you want. there's no one way. Catch em up.

On a side note, there are Menhaden pods on the beach between the poles and PV. They are scattered and the groups are thin but, they're out there. Also seeing a lot of big Leather Backs on the beach. Also, big schools of Cow Nose Rays. Fish here long enough and you know what's not far behind these appearances.

Good luck....


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    Nice haul
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you
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    killer report!  thanks for sharing the update MM and looks like happy clients all around!
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    Thanks for the report 
  • PBRn7.62PBRn7.62 Posts: 117 Deckhand
    Dang looks like a total jailbreak, convicts everywhere!
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    Thanks for the report!
  • Flounderman3Flounderman3 Posts: 48 Greenhorn
    Dialed in that’s for sure!
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    WOW!!  I need to learn how to catch those big guys!
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    Killing them.
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    Thanks. Plan on running the beaches looking for Rays Sunday after I pick the boat up from servicing. Appreciate the info. 
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    @Morocco_madness do you usually wait to find the big drum on your fish finder before dropping baits or just find those deep drops by the jetty tips and go for it regardless of what's on the finder?
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    @Morocco_madness do you usually wait to find the big drum on your fish finder before dropping baits or just find those deep drops by the jetty tips and go for it regardless of what's on the finder?

    I don't look for fish marks when I setup. Only because these fish are out there wondering the area which just means they'll be back through again soon enough. These guys are heavily scent driven and will definitely find their way back to your baits. That also means you need to fish while the tide is moving. Slack tide is extra bad when targeting these boys. The water needs to move. Ill often thread on a strip of clam to my hook and seal them in place with the crab. The crab locks the clam in place on the hook. If you set out 4 rods baited this way, they WILL find their way to you. No question about it.

    I recommend catch and release. They make poor table fair at that size and are riddled with parasites. Besides that, they grow slower than all other inshore species and live to 50 years old. Fight them in hard with heavy tackle. You'll also need to vent EVERY fish. Drum aren't nearly as rigid as Red Fish and will actually die if you don't vent them. and for the love of god, don't hang them from a Boga Grip or lip gaff them. they're too heavy for that and you'll break the lower jaw. Its sad but you'll see people doing this.... Take care of our fish. Grab them with two hands and support their massive bodies. If you're worried about getting slimy and dirty, this is not the fish for you.

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