Huguenot Surf Fishing

I went to Huguenot twice this past week, Sunday on the falling low tide (last 2 hours) morning tide and last Monday on the Incoming tide first 2 hours. Soaked frozen clams and dead shrimp with little to no action, 1 bite both days.... Has anyone heard of any pompano starting up or down the beaches? Also, does anyone know if anyone has live sand fleas or have you see any of any size on the beaches yet?


  • birdsongbirdsong Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    Rick's had live fleas a couple of weeks ago.  I don't know of any pompano in Duval yet.  Daytona and beyond have 'em.  Hopefully they'll be here soon.
  • Reel TealReel Teal Posts: 3,384 Captain
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    The pompano still south of ormond mostly. Everyone should have live fleas....most of the ones the bait shop had were coming from st Augustine. 
  • Sea SnakeSea Snake Posts: 5,305 Admiral
    Ummmmm.......Pompano  are here i'd suggest you go fish for them.....

    ...just sayin'....

    ( I won't ruin my friend's post......)
  • lovetoshrimplovetoshrimp Posts: 285 Deckhand
    I know they have to be close, I just didn't have the right bait i'm sure....
  • BadfishBadfish Posts: 1,090 Officer
    Rick’s out of sand fleas since Thursday, not sure when they’ll get more
  • The baronThe baron Posts: 73 Greenhorn
     the Pompano been here for months it's just tough getting them ended up 4 keepers at matanzas but you have to work for him no one else was catching anything fisffoff the bar at the South End is the only way I could get them and it was on blue crab
  • BadfishBadfish Posts: 1,090 Officer
    Fished first incoming at fire station in SPVB, nothing but blues
  • flattieflattie Posts: 267 Deckhand
     yeah I've been catching them here in Duval for about a month now but it can't get more than two or three on one trip
  • The baronThe baron Posts: 73 Greenhorn
    Back in the middle of February I didn't think they were here even though the water was quite warm but I met a guy who just came from the saint Augustine Pier and he saw two caught in the 14 15 inch and then a day or two later second or third week of February I can't recall what day it was but I got four  keepers in matanzas inlet on the south side of the bridge behind the convenience store where the surfers hang out 
  • DrKDrK Posts: 241 Deckhand
    Went fishing at Hanna last Saturday 2 hours before the low and hot three pomps, two were keepers at  12 incheas and one was a throwback at 10 3/4.  Took home 8 whiting too. Water was brown but they were there.  Used clams, sand fleas and FDS.
  • Graphix GuyGraphix Guy Posts: 34 Greenhorn
    Wonder if fiddlers would work
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